14th place at Blokfest round 1

I had not planned to go to Blokfest, to be honest I had forgot it was on.

However I was asked by my mate Archie if I was going … ‘when is it?’ ‘tomorrow mate’ … ah right, its already about 11:45pm and I’m half way through a movie with one of my best friends I haven’t seen for a long time.
But I thought ‘hey, why not. I’m already down this way’ so even though I got home at about 1am I decided to go.
At the least it would be a fun day out and I would get to see some friends who I haven’t seen much or competed against since I moved to Sheffield.

The whole day was really really fun, I hadn’t competed since SIBL (southern indoor bouldering league) 2011/12. So almost two years.
Because of this I didn’t have any expectations of performance and in light of this there was no pressure.
Questions in my head started to arise however: Am I as strong or stronger than I used to be? Will all my friends be better than me now?
But in the end I thought ‘does it really matter?’ the only person who is going to care about it is me so I focused on having fun.

I was happily surprised to end up flashing (climbing first attempt) 20 out of the 25 problems and doing one of the harder ones third go.
Unfortunately I was not able to top out the other 4, though I got so annoyingly close on one of them. I fell of from the top with my hand literally an inch away from matching the last hold.

I ended up with a score of 203/250, which from the preliminary results has placed me 14th on round 1.

Having enjoyed myself so much I am now looking at doing the rest of the Blokfest events and finish off a season of competitive bouldering.

This event may have re ignited the competitive side of me 😛


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