Wet Wet Wet

Wow, talk about a damp weekend … what happened to the nice cold dry one that we where forecast.

Either way I went out for a walk to check out some possible lines and well … they look possible. Just need to abseil down them to have a better look and make sure they don’t encroach on the neighbouring routes but I think at first glance it should be ok, I’ll keep you posted.

With the weather having bummed out I decided to hit the Climbing Works, had some really good sessions ticking off some of the routes I have been working on so was left very happy.

Hoping for a break in the weather I have checked the forecast but have had the depressing sight of the rain symbol all week so looks like this week is going to be a training one after all.
Not such a bad thing as I need to train for the comp next month down south, the craggy island boulder bash. Should be good fun, plus its a good excuse to go and see my friends and family.

I’m feeling pretty strong at the moment. I think due to A: Playing with the weight vest and B: Working on the opposing muscles in the gym. ie pecs, triceps and more core.
It seems to be working as I feel that I’m climbing better for it. My theory behind this is that I’m no longer using a few select muscles when I climb, I’ve got all my muscles working together.

Well anyway it seems to working and I’ll get a better sense of how its really going in another month.


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