Last few weekends

The last few weeks have been fairly fun with some unexpected happenings.

The first of which was a fun day out at Lawencefield with my friends Claire, Joe and Lauren on the 24th.
Initially we thought ‘hey, a quiet evening climbing and slacklining at Lawencefield would be quite nice’ so we all met up and started walking in. On our approach we started to hear some sort of bass ‘boom, boom, boom’ getting louder and louder the closer we got.
It was soon evident that there was a rave going on at the base of the crag, having never seen nor been to a rave I found this rather amusing. Climbing to some awesome beats 🙂

So much for our quiet evenings climb. This was shut down after an hour or so of us being there by the police with a funny argument with one of the coppers and one of the partyers who clearly wasn’t happy about having no music at all.

More recently was last weekend, the 31st/1st Sep.
The Saturday Lauren and I went to Burbage south for a bit of bouldering. This was good fun playing on problems up to V5.
I decided I was in the mindset that I wanted to try and onsight an E5 (a current goal of mine) … didn’t happen 😦

The first I tried was a route called ‘crikey!’. I put a Mat down beneath me and headed up. Started climbing, felt good, reached up for a crimp and pop, off I go.
Luckily I was only about 5 foot off the floor but as I popped off backwards I knew straight away ‘I’ve missed my pad’ then very shortly afterwards my bum decided to get acquainted with a boulder which needless to say hurt and gave me a dead arse for a while.
The other was ‘Pebble Mill’ which has a Font 7a+ start of which I couldn’t find the nerve to commit too without spotters.

Sun was successful in that Lauren gave me a top rope on ‘Nefertiti’ E6 6c at Burbage North, effectively a high ball Font 7a+ with the hard move at the point where you don’t really want to fall off. I tried this on a shunt last winter and couldn’t make heads nor tails of it so was happy to find solid beta for and climb it on top rope really well.

So now just waiting for the next batch of cold weather to go a get it done and dusted.


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