Off to Cornwall

Oh … my … god … I hate packing. Really does my head in though probably because I’m rather disorganised (organised chaos I call it) and it looks like a complete mess until the last minute.

The aftermath of what follows is what I love though πŸ™‚
Not the mind-numbing trip down the motorway but the feeling when you get to your destination and you know some cool days are to follow. This time I’m going to Cornwall. A place I go to climb almost every year where places like Sennan cove and Bosigran feel a little like old friends.

I have a few routes I would like to throw myself at and see what happens. I feel strong at the moment after all the bouldering that I’ve done but endurance wise πŸ™‚ not so much so it will be interesting to see if my strength is enough to compensate for the lack of endurance … either way it should be good fun.

This time I will have Lauren with me. It will be nice introducing her to these wonderful places and I hope that she will end up liking them as much as I do so we shall see, I’ll try not to scare her …. too much πŸ˜›

I’m also looking forward to seeing my brother, I havnt seen him much recently. He lives in Cornwall and I live in Sheffield. A fair distance between us.
Will be good to see the life he has set himself down there and to have a good catch up.

Anyway, enough putting off the packing, it has to be done.


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