Happy new year all

Happy belated New Year all,

I hope everyone had an awesome night and that everyone’s hangover was not as awesome as the one I had for the following two days 😦

Well 2012 was an amazing year for me. My highlights being: 

  • Finished 5th in SIBL (southern indoor bouldering league)
  • Moved to Sheffield in April
  • Got sponsored by Hseven in April
  • Putting up my first new route at Gardoms, Peak District ‘Midgey meal’ E3 5c
  • Adding a possible 7a extension start to ‘Razor roof’ at Robin hood stride (a bit contrived but fun none the less) 
  • Achieved a personal best in sport climbing, 7c ‘Jam or jump’ in Sicily.
  • Achieved a personal best in bouldering, 7c ‘The Terrace’ at Burbage, Peak District

Unfortunately I did not get a personal best in Trad climbing but got pretty close. 
I fell off ‘Kaluza klein’ E7 6b looking at the last hold, so hopefully I will complete it soon.
When I complete it I will post up a video of the falls and ascent, including the video where my rope gets completely de-sheathed which was a bit worrying. 

In December I found a highball Font 7a+ ‘help the young’ at Stanage which if done without pads, goes at E5 6c. 
I had first climbed it with a pad but then decided to take the pads away to do it as the E5, this was an exiting experience as the moves are easy to drop and you end up pretty high off the floor hence being a highball problem.


2013 has started of good one I managed to get back to the peaks (head gasket blew on my van)
I wasn’t expecting much having had nearly a month off but none the less actually started off really well.

I found myself topping out on the classic boulder problem ‘Brad Pit’ Font 7c/+. This I was not expecting as it was my second go of the 3rd session and I was still cold.

Trad season has started well with my first weekend this season being last weekend with an on-sight of ‘Crystal tips’ E3 6a and ‘Now or never’ E1 5b.
So looking forward to another good year.


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